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This is a technique used to correct myopia that involves implanting an extremely fine and malleable lens inside the eye. It is additive surgery, which means that no tissue is removed from the eye and it is therefore a reversible procedure. It is generally used in young patients with a high refractive defect, although there are also other indications.

The surgeon injects the lens (which is specific and unique to each eye) behind the iris and in front of the crystalline lens into a space called the posterior chamber, where it will act in a similar way as a contact lens, with the advantage that it is invisible and does not cause discomfort.

This lens does not require any kind of maintenance after it is implanted and it is completely biocompatible. There are different types of lens; our doctors will advise you as to the most recommendable type in your case.

The operation takes between 15 and 20 minutes and no stitches are required. We do not operate on both eyes on the same day. The patient is able to go home without wearing a dressing over the eye and visual recovery is very quick.

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