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Treatment for macular degeneration (AMD)

None of the treatments provide a cure for macular degeneration, but rather their objective is to delay visual impairment or prevent further vision loss.

Treatment with Argon laser

This procedure for treating macular degeneration uses a laser beam to destroy (burn, photocoagulate) the abnormal blood vessels under the macula. Argon laser is also a tool that is used to photocoagulate the retina. Its main actions are:

- Laser treatment in diabetic retinopathy

- Laser treatment in retinal vein occlusion

- Laser treatment in patients with a retinal tear or damage (common in myopic patients)

- Laser treatment in patients with macular oedema

Photodynamic therapy:

A drug called Verteporfin is used to apply the treatment for macular degeneration. This medicine is very sensitive to light and exposure to light causes the drug to release compounds (known as free radicals) that can close abnormal blood vessels. The medication is injected into the arm.
A light is then shone on the eye for about 90 seconds. The light activates the medicine, which destroys the new blood vessels, thus helping to improve or slow down vision loss.

Unlike laser treatment, this drug does not cause retinal burns but the patient must avoid exposing their skin or eyes to direct sunlight or artificial lights for several days after taking the medication.

Treatment with anti-angiogenic drugs:

Anti-angiogenic drugs are used to seal the blood vessels that leak fluid or blood into the macula. They are injected into the eye under local anaesthetic.
Initial treatment is based on three injections of the drug, leaving a month or a month and a half between injections.
This successfully stops vision loss or even improves vision in 70-80% of patients.


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