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Oculoplasty covers procedures to correct a wide variety of conditions. The most common procedures are:

Botulinum Toxin

Botulinum toxin is used to reduce expression lines caused by ageing and to fill in unwanted and unsightly wrinkles; it is known for its muscle relaxant effects, which makes it one of the leading rejuvenation and beauty treatments.

The action of botulinum toxin lasts for several months and it must be reapplied periodically depending on the person in question (whether or not they gesticulate a lot) and their age. The side effects can include minor bruising and rarely slight asymmetries that can be corrected by retouching.


This is the technique that is used to remove sagging skin from the eyelids. It consists of removing excess skin from the upper eyelids (upper lid blepharoplasty) and/or eliminating the fatty bulge from the lower eyelids (lower lid blepharoplasty).

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