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How is presbyopia or eyestrain treated?

Presbyopia or eyestrain can either be corrected with laser surgery or with an intraocular lens. The choice of treatment is determined by factors such as age, the patient's refraction and the state of their cornea.

Intraocular lens

Like cataract surgery, treatment for presbyopia or eyestrain with an intraocular lens implant involves removing the crystalline lens, which has lost or is losing its ability to focus close-up, and replacing it with a multifocal intraocular lens that acts as an artificial crystalline lens. The aim of this technique is to eliminate dependence on glasses and contact lenses, i.e. no longer require them for distance vision, and achieve an adequate level of near vision for everyday life.


Laser treatment for presbyopia or eyestrain is similar to that used to correct myopia and it is known as combined vision or monovision. The treatment makes it possible to correct eyestrain and considerably improve intermediate and near vision.

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