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What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a degenerative disease caused by increased pressure inside the eye, or ocular hypertension. The eye contains a water-like fluid that is constantly renewed, but if the drainage system fails, intraocular pressure builds up and can damage the optic nerve.

The causes of this disease are unknown, although it can affect several members of a family. Therefore, if you have a family history, it is advisable to see an ophthalmologist regularly.

The damage caused by glaucoma is irreversible, so it needs to be diagnosed early and prevention is very important.


At an early stage there are no symptoms. Later symptoms, once the disease is more advanced, can include narrowing of the peripheral vision, mild headaches and subtle visual disturbances, such as seeing halos around electric lights or having difficulty adapting to darkness. Eventually, the person may end up presenting tunnel vision, an extreme narrowing of the visual field that makes it difficult to see objects on either side when looking forward.


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Glaucoma is a disease that does not usually have symptoms until very advanced stages.

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