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What is myopia?

Myopia (short-sightedness) is a vision problem caused by excessive focusing of the cornea or because the eye is too elongated.

In a myopic eye the rays of light converge before they reach the retina, so the image it receives is not clear.

This problem usually develops from childhood and varies over time (changes in eyeglass prescription). Myopia usually stabilises after the age of 18, the age from which laser surgery is recommended.


The symptom that most often reveals myopia is blurred vision when looking at distant objects. However, at early stages of the condition the patient may not notice any vision loss. It is therefore necessary to check whether they suffer from constant blinking, headaches or ocular hypertension, as well as blurred vision.

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These days 40% of patients with eye problems have myopia and 95% of all these cases can be solved by refractive surgery.

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